I’ve Decided to Write a Book

Growing this idea from seed 🌱



I’m writing a memoir, of sorts, but the final product will be a work of fiction. It will be fiction because I feel a reader’s mind is more open when they’re not trying to accept everything as true. Fiction gives me permission to juice it up with magic. And finally, it protects my privacy (no way to know what bits are true 😉)


Using my journals, my memory, and various other means*, I will write little stories about life, told through the container of relationships, travel, work and adventure. Stories I will weave together to create a sexy story about a strong girl who saves herself (fuck you Disney🖕🏼), told from an intimate perspective. At the bones, it’s a story of personal transformation.


The writing will be poetic, and ripe with attitude, self-talk, insight and emotion, all of which change drastically as the main character is prompted to transform herself. It will move from disturbingly dark into the spiritual catapult that is healing. I will describe in vivid emotional detail the rocks she has crawled out from under - the how - and the situations that prompted her growth. The dialogue is largely internal, to capture how changing her mind: her beliefs, values, and actions, changed her entire life. It is meant to inspire, guide, and it will be feminine, intelligent, sharp, disturbing, and sexy, with lots of insight and even a little humour. Expect me to touch on vanity, the objectification of women, worldview, ethical subjugation, promiscuity, hope, eating disorders, corruption, spirituality and experiences of the mystical.



Most importantly I think these stories are relatable, and if someone relates I may have a chance of guiding them from darkness. Even one person is a win.


I’m writing because it’s time to let these memories go, but somewhere inside I feel it’s my duty to share, because of the potential to help others.


I believe I am here to contribute, to help, to do my piece in building the greater good. Presently, I can’t come up with a better contribution than digesting and sharing the wisdom I’ve gleaned through my experience of recovery. Not to mention how cathartic this process will be.


To move on, I have to let go; and to let go I need to share. These memories need to go to make space for what’s next⚡️💥.

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