My friends Eva, Audra and I used to get together during the full moon and have some of the deepest, realest, and most enlightening conversations. We’d gather blankets, pillows, incense, candles, snacks and other treats, sit with each other and meet hearts—telling stories, performing rituals, open to each other’s guidance and sharing our truths.

We’re separated by distance now but the ritual continues. We’d like to invite you in.

Luna talks is our monthly podcast, recorded on the full moon and released on the new moon, where we discuss a different topic each month.

Meet the girls:


Yogini with over +800 hours under her belt, dog mom and science enthusiast. Smart, edgy and funny. You'll find Audra in Sayulita, Mexico, but orginially this gem was born in South Carolina.


Eva Estlander

Yogini, moonchild, marketing wizard and spiritual enthusiast. Always looking for a deeper meaning to everything. Eva is based out of Helsinki, Finland, but spent a big chunk of her twenties in Sayulita, Mexico, that still holds a special place in her heart.


Sylvie lacourciere

Yogini, writer, surfer and ocean lover. Sylvie has a passion for self exploration, healing, and digging for truth. She is originally from Canmore, Canada but spends her days today on the sunny beaches of San Pancho, Mexico.