Jealousy via comparison


It's really easy to judge the people I am jealous of.

Whether my judgments are correct is not even interesting.

What's interesting to me is where the desire to pass judgment is coming from. I see an opportunity to peer into my shadow.

I notice my malice and grab onto the thread to take me deeper within myself. It is an opportunity for inquiry. 

What feels better when I judge?

By judging those I am jealous of, what I am doing is attempting to tear down a 'taller tree'. I am trying to poke holes, make them out to be less, so I feel more equal.

In that I am able to notice something important. I'm unconsciously comparing myself to them. I've placed us in competition.

The truth is that someone else's shine does not negate my own.

By letting go of the need to compare, no competition can be had, and my jealousy dissolves. The seed of my jealousy is comparison. When I don't compare, the seed is never planted.

I focus instead on what's Good about me, on being my best self.

I practice letting go of comparison until it becomes habit. Until I smile when I see them, able to appreciate what it is I found amazing about them in the first place.

Let them be bright.

The world needs more light.

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