Shadow Chasing


i want you to know

i don’t think i’m always right

i have issues

i have witnessed 

the destructions

of my creation

i see there are patterns

and my eye is on them

but it is dark 

and they are hard to see

i want you to know

i’m working with my shadow

i want to own my shit

these patterns are clues

helping me feel into the dark

to experience places i can’t see

the parts of me

i don’t know

because i don’t acknowledge them

refuse to accept them

that’s the way denial works 

what you command to be hidden

will be hidden

the unconscious mind is loyal

and obedient

but TRY and see

INTEND to see

and the unconscious mind delivers

illumination to the shadow

i want you to know

i’m trying to see


and understand

the ways that i am wrong

the ways in which my compass is off

and i want to know

before you point your finger

can you say the same?