The Power of Women's Sexuality

I don’t know much about advertising, but I know that countless hours have been dedicated to figuring out how best to mercilessly trigger us into purchasing all manner of useless things. It’s doubtful an explanation is required for the phrase “sex sells” (a virtuous addition to the English language we can thank advertisers for) but for those who need, it refers to the prevalence of sex in advertising, or more specifically, the use of female sexuality to get our attention. It is the bikini models beside cars, cocktail waitresses in heels, and beer commercials.

And then we have the Insta-models, who suck our attention like a black hole, whether we click as haters or “like” as followers.  The women we love to hate simultaneously because of their undeniable beauty on one hand, and their shameless willingness to objectify themselves on the other.

If revealing sexuality gets a girl insta-famous and is one of an advertiser’s go-to methods, it’s safe to reason there is a power present.

A power that belongs to women.

If it’s ours, why does it bother us to see it, or to use it?


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Sylvie LacourciereComment