There are Men who:

There are men out there who love women.

Who recognise the magnificence of their mothers: the work, patience, and love she invested in the creation of who that man became.

There are men who meet a woman’s softness with the respect of gentleness.

There are men who are interested in creating the conditions in which a woman feels safe to speak, because he really wants to know what she has to say. These men have the ego health to consider whether she may be right.

There are men who find that valuing women primarily for their appearance is an embarrassing display of un-evolved tunnel vision.

There are men who perceive a woman’s boundaries by paying attention to her, and who don’t trample where they see they’re not welcome.

There are men who have learned to control themselves, before they ask a woman to do it for them - by covering up their bodies.

There are men who get that they’re missing out when women get broken. The creative fruits of a healthy woman’s labor are but a ghost of potentiality when a man chooses to steal her power instead.

There are men who establish their worth not by taking from a woman what they think they deserve, but by helping her heal instead.

There are men whose first instinct is to protect women, not take advantage of them.

There are men who love women.

There are more and more of these men, because we have been investing in helping them grow.

There are men who don’t need to be told. Most do. Speak to be heard, which is to say: wake them gently.

We are growing the new. It takes time for the tides to change.